Montpelier Energy Advisory Committee - MEAC was founded in 2010 to act in an advisory capacity to the Montpelier City Council on energy issues.  MEAC identifies and nurtures potential energy saving projects and opportunities; informing and engaging city residents on energy issues; and partnering with other statewide groups to foster projects, goals and developments that reduce Montpelier’s energy use or meet its energy needs from renewables. MEAC meets in City Hall's Memorial Room on the third Tuesday of every month at 7 pm and the public is welcome to attend.

Energy Action Network -

EAN’s Community Energy Dashboard is an online tool that helps towns across Vermont to quantify their energy use. Montpelier residents can use the Dashboard to measure their progress towards Net Zero.

Efficiency Vermont -

Through education, services, and incentives, Efficiency Vermont advances sustainable energy solutions for all Vermont homeowners and businesses. EVT supports Net Zero Montpelier by providing technical support in helping monitor the City’s overall electrical use, and advice to homeowners and business owners on how to reduce energy use.

Green Mountain Power -

GMP is piloting its new eHomes program in Montpelier, offering home energy makeovers that can include a heat pump hot water heater, heat pumps for heating and cooling, weatherization and LED lighting. It also includes innovative home automation controls to see energy use in real time and allow for control of thermostats, outlets, lights and heat pumps.

3EThermal -

3E Thermal is a trusted resource for apartment building owners, helping to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. 3E Thermal offers both cash incentives and technical support for installing energy efficiency upgrades in qualified Vermont apartment buildings.

Transportation Resources

CarShare Vermont
Drive Electric Vermont
Capital Commuters
Bus service by GMTA
Bike route Montpelier to Barre
Freeride Montpelier bike co-op

Home Efficiency Resources

Efficiency Vermont Efficiency Guide
Home Energy Saver Calculator
Energy Star Home Efficiency
Heat Pump Guide
Energy Efficiency in Historic Homes
Energy Efficiency Guide to Save Money

Multifamily and Rental Resources

Multifamily services matrix


A Vermonter's Guide to Residential Solar
Catamount Solar
Same Sun of Vermont
SunCatcher, LLC
Building Energy
RGS Energy

Local Weatherization Contractors

Montpelier Construction
Weatherization and Renovation of Montpelier (WARM)
Building Performance Services
EnergySmart of Vermont
All Season Urethane Foam
Sisler Builders
Building Energy
Village Builders, Inc.
New Frameworks Natural Building

Fuel Switching/Renewable Fuels

Sustainable Heating Education Outreach
Green Heat Collective
Northern Forest Center
Bournes Energy
Vermont Renewable Fuels
SunWood Biomass