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There is a way to heat your home – not use fossil fuels and maintain the same level of comfort and convenience of your existing oil or propane fueled system.

Advanced wood heat is the use of wood pellet-fueled boilers to provide the hot water that fills your radiators and baseboards. Advanced wood heat:

·        Allows for automatic fuel delivery to your home – no need to stack wood or move bags of pellets. The delivered fuel is into a fuel bin that leaves no dust or dirt for your house.

·        Provides heat when your thermostat indicates that the house is too cool – no lighting a fire and no need to be present when the house requires it.

·        Can provide hot water for your showers and washing machine by putting a coil into the hot water storage tank that is most often used with advanced wood heat systems

·        Uses locally produced fuels and avoids sending money out of Vermont (and often out of the US) for buying petroleum products

·        Produces no noticeable smoke out your chimney

·        Usually requires cleaning only once per year (some high use systems may require cleaning twice per year and your installer can do those cleanings)


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