Net Zero Montpelier is about transforming our energy system to ensure our community has a secure, affordable, sustainable and reliable energy future. It’s a bold, audacious, collaborative effort to have Montpelier lead the way as the nation’s first state capital where all of our energy needs — electric, thermal, and transportation — are produced or offset by renewable energy sources.

Transitioning to renewables and eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels will have a variety of benefits, including:

Growing Our Local Economy – Investing in renewables and efficiency helps keep our dollars in our local community.

Reducing Wasted Energy – Efficiency improvements and practicing energy conservation reduces our energy needs and saves money.

Minimizing Pollution –Transitioning off of fossil fuels reduces the amount of carbon pollution we produce, minimizing our contribution to global warming.

Increasing Energy Security – An energy system based on a combination of renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation, provides more local control over the cost, quality, reliability and availability of our energy sources.


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