Weatherize Questionnaire

Complete before March 31 and receive a FREE home visit and quote from a Weatherize contractor

Before you begin, gather the following information:


1) Square footage of your home. Specifically square footage of “heated space,” which is what most people mean by square footage. You can request this information from your town lister or find it on websites like Trulia or Zillow.


2) Heating fuel use records for the past three years for primary and secondary heating systems (e.g. oil, propane, wood pellets, cord wood).

  • If you have your fuel DELIVERED – Gather specific delivery dates with actual numbers of gallons/cord/tons delivered during the past three years (NOT just an annual total). Call your provider(s) and ask for your delivery history if you do not have records of your own.
  • If you do NOT receive bulk fuel deliveries (e.g. bagged pellets, self-supplied cord wood) – provide your best estimate of what you burn annually.
  • If you heat with electricity (not counting plug-in space heaters), provide monthly electric usage for the past year. Green Mountain Power customers can click here to login to your account online (see “Billing and Payment History”) or call 888-835-4672.

3) Choose a Contractor(s). At the end of the questionnaire, you’ll be asked to choose your contractor(s). Whoever you choose will receive a copy of your questionnaire responses and contact you within about three business days to arrange a free home visit. Learn more about your team’s partner contractors on the Weatherize Montpelier homepage (scroll all the way down).


  • If you have everything on hand, the questionnaire should take about 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • Once you begin, you’ll need to fill out and submit in one sitting (or come back and start again).

Questionnaire FAQ

Why do I need to complete the Weatherize Questionnaire?

In order to give you a high-quality project proposal at no cost, our Weatherize Contractors need to know as much as you can tell them about your home and your energy use – BEFORE they get you on the phone or visit your home for a closer look.

What if I can’t answer all the questions?

Just complete the Questionnaire as best as you can. Our partner contractors can work with whatever information you are able to give them.

Once I begin the Questionnaire, can I stop and come back later?

No. Once you begin, you will need to complete the Questionnaire in one sitting. Use the checklist above to make sure you have what you need on hand. You may also preview the questions ahead of time.

How do I choose a contractor?

All Weatherize contractors are:

  1. Certified by the Building Performance Institute
  2. Part of Efficiency Vermont’s Efficiency Excellence Network and able to help you secure rebates and financing through Efficiency Vermont
  3. Able to provide comprehensive home energy services

Your goal: choose a contractor you like and trust. They will all do good work for you. So who feels like a good fit?

Tips for choosing a contractor BEFORE you complete the Weatherize Questionnaire:

  • Explore the contractors’ descriptions and websites, listed below
  • Call one or more contractors and get to know them a little before you make your choice. You might ask what they specialize in, what their approach is, what makes them unique?
  • What are the issues you most want to address in your home? Energy costs? Comfort? Ice Dams? Are there non-energy improvements you would like to take care of at the same time? Ask your contractor if they can help with more than just energy.

You are, of course, free to request home visits from as many contractors as you choose. However, out of respect for your time and your contractors’ time, we recommend starting with one contractor and one home visit.

What happens after I complete the Questionnaire?

On the last page of the questionnaire, you’ll choose one or more Weatherize Contractors to receive a copy of your responses and give you a call to talk through your options. When you hit “submit”…

  • We’ll send a copy of your completed Questionnaire to the contractor(s) you chose
  • We’ll send you a copy for your records
  • We’ll send you an email detailing next steps

I’d rather fill out the Home Energy Questionnaire on paper and mail it in.

No problem. Download a printable version of the Home Energy Questionnaire.

When you’re done, mail your Questionnaire to:

Net Zero Montpelier c/o VECAN, 9 Bailey Avenue, Montpelier, VT 05602